Earth Wind and Fire
Jun 5, 2010
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Home of the highest foreclosures in the USA!!!
Persuader & scoundrel

Earth Wind and Fire

Well-Known Member, Male, from Home of the highest foreclosures in the USA!!!

    1. SeekingTruth
      My brother and brother in Christ, Hubert Baker, better known to BB members as OldRegular, has been unable to log on since this past Sunday!

      Baptist Board promises to send a note with instructions for a new password but it never arrives “OR"!

      Sometimes it states that it is over one hour old and no longer usable!”
      1. Earth Wind and Fire
        Earth Wind and Fire
        Why does OR require a NEW Password? Cant he sign in under his existing password?
        Oct 25, 2015
      2. SeekingTruth
        When he attempts to login, his password (which he has used for years) is not accepted. When he requests ability to change the password he gets e-mail replies with instructions and a dummy password with the comment it is good for only two hours (I believe). It seems that by the time he gets the email, the time has expired. He knows he has not changed his password.
        Oct 25, 2015
    2. Bro. James
      Bro. James
      The Skype video and audio are free of charge. You need a computer with a camera and microphone, a good laptop will have both. Or: get a ccd camera with microphone compatible with your computer. This is about $30 at the wally mart or office depot. There are some versions much more expensive.

      We have used Skype to communicate with our daughter in S. Korea. It is a lot better than ham radio.

      Your decision.

      Bro. James
    3. Bro. James
      Bro. James
      Would you be interested in a Skype based conference scenario for bible study, worship, and fellowship?
      Such is feasible.

      Bro. James
    4. Salty
      [email protected]
    5. pinoybaptist
      if Monday comes around and the bushwhackers haven't fired, I guess they're dead in the bushes, or regrouping. lol.
    6. Earth Wind and Fire
      Earth Wind and Fire
      I do not. OK so why would Ukranians & Russians want to leave their historic Orthodox Catholic Church?
    7. Siberian
      Yes, I speak Russian.
    8. Earth Wind and Fire
      Earth Wind and Fire
      Do you speak the language?
    9. Siberian
      Yes, I worked as a church planter among Russians and other Russian-speaking people groups for about 7 years, and now I make trips to Russia (going later this month). What sort of ministry are you attempting with Russians and Ukrainians?
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    Home of the highest foreclosures in the USA!!!
    Persuader & scoundrel
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    Genesis 18:25. Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?
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    Because I believe in Jesus Christ is my Lord & Savior
    Performance is the only thing that counts.
    Dissent, even conflict, are nesessary,and indeed desirable. Without this there can be no understanding.
    Im a very sinful man. Evil to the core.

    God & Family (In that order)


    "The Word Dwells Among Us"
    In the poor, in the hope of the unemployed, in the courage of the oppressed, in the presence of each other

    On the Waterfront (1954)--QUOTES:

    Edie: What kind of saint hides in a church?

    Father Barry: Boys, this is my church! And if you don't think Christ is down here on the waterfront you've got another guess coming!

    "Were it not for God's choosing some, Heaven would have none." (Jer 13:23; John 6:38-9, 44)