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Jan 16, 2017 at 5:51 PM
    1. SeekingTruth
      My brother and brother in Christ, Hubert Baker, better known to BB members as OldRegular, has been unable to log on since this past Sunday!

      Baptist Board promises to send a note with instructions for a new password but it never arrives “OR"!

      Sometimes it states that it is over one hour old and no longer usable!”
    2. JamesL
      I finally posted my thoughts on 1Cor 15 today. I apologize for taking so long. I went to do it the other day and saw that the thread had disappeared.

      Having observed the short life of threads at the hands of the moderator, I assumed it was a closed thread. But I went to reference something I had written, and saw that it is still active.

      Let me know your thoughts.
    3. righteousdude2
      Dude, the Dude needs some Scritpure. I have a gay man that believes he is saved, and that God's love doesn't care if he continues in this relationship with the other man, because God wants him to be happy in the name of love.

      I know you have some Scripture for me to share with him. I think he is on the fence, and could be swayed to give up his homosexuality with the right texts.

      RD2 or Paul Zimmer
    4. Streetsweeper
      Hi Iconoclast,

      I've just been reading through the topic about 'Reformed Church Services'.
      I am grateful for your well informed contribution, and calming demeanour.

      I don't have time to visit this board very often, but I hope on occassion you may be able to assist with questions I have about Baptist theology.

      1. Iconoclast likes this.
    5. Osage Bluestem
      Osage Bluestem
      Thanks for your post in the Acts 13:48 thread.
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    No one snowflake thinks it is the cause of the avalanche.
    Let us resolve to talk more to believers about the Bible when we meet them. Alas, the conversation of Christians, when they do meet, is often sadly unprofitable! How many frivolous, and trifling, and uncharitable things are said!