“Our Christian forums attacked.. Please read"

Discussion in 'All Other Discussions' started by 4ever4Jesus, Feb 20, 2011.

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    Hey Gang this is RJ here. I and God’sRainbowgal stopped on our posting route of forums. 2 of the Christians Forums have been attacked.

    Someone who claims to be from the Middle East got in the forum without signing up. He placed the Koran on the homepage to read it. The home page is now messed up because the Koran is part of it now. We might not safely be able to post there right now. For the Administrator may need to add New Security. We are uncertain how this person broke in the days of our technology and computers. This person did not appear to be a radical but has the capability to insert His Koran book. I advise the Administrators here to look into this as to try to prevent this from happening. As you are aware the technician may be able to set up things to make it safer from someone breaking in. At least if we are aware we can all keep watch. If there are any other forums you know that has been hit let us collaborate our reports here to see if this has gotten out of hand. It seems that whenever someone invents new ways to secure things others come up with ways to still get in. Cyber attacks are very common as one can do it in any location of the world. I don’t want this person to break into Baptist Forums also. That is why I told you about this incident to watch for in case He happens to come around.

    Your friend RJ

    Any suggestions what we can do about getting back the forum homepage?

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