15 Things in Europe

Discussion in 'Hobby/Travel Forum' started by FriendofSpurgeon, Sep 23, 2016.

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    After traveling in Europe during the summer, I have (re)discovered the following 15 things:

    1. Most people are friendly and helpful.

    2. Most people speak more than one language.

    3. Public transport is easy, efficient and inexpensive to use. And the honor system is used rather than turnstiles.

    4. You really can feel safe at night in large cities.

    5. Manners and common courtesies actually exist.

    6. People still ride bicycles -- and cities encourage their use by providing bike lanes.

    7. Energy conservation is the norm.

    8. Public parks and green spaces are important to people.

    9. Traveling by trains is the way to go. So much more civilized than air travel.

    10. Most people are ... well, just people.

    11. Ice is a wonderful commodity.

    12. The makers of Right Guard have a huge untapped market.

    13. Business casual is not the norm.

    14. You can eat and drink a lot if you are walking 4-5 miles a day.

    15. Bavarian beer is the best.
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    Never been there but I've a Romanian SIL and two daughters who have traveled abroad and I get the same sense of things you're presenting from them.

    But, I still love my country. :)

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