6 Leftist narratives destroyed in less than 48 hours

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    San Bernardino Shootings Destroy Leftist Narrative After Leftist Narrative

    Over the last 48 hours, the unserious parade of clown leftists in politics and the media have jumped on every narrative rake in sight. They desperately wanted the shooting in San Bernardino to be a right-winger with an NRA tramp stamp gone mad. Instead, it turned out to be two Muslims who dropped their six-month-old baby off in order to pursue killing

    Narratives destroyed:

    1. It Must Be Pro-Lifers!

    2. It Must Be Right-Wingers of Unspecified Political Priority!

    3. We Need More Gun Control!

    4. Prayer Is The Problem!

    5. It’s Workplace Violence!

    6. Stop The Islamophobia!
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