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    Apr 3, 2008
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    Last Sunday in church the education committee came and spoke during the service and one thing was said that really struck a chord with me. They are promoting the new fall schedule and Sunday School and all of that and they said that there are 940 weekends between kdg and graduation from High School but it was the question they posed that meant the most---What are you doing with those weekends in teaching your children the way they should go in the world? What more can you do? As I sat there I realized that with my 5th grader he only had about 500 weekends left. As I left church I thought of all the kids in my sons' class and sports and everything who dont know who Christ is I mean not like my kids have had the opportunity to with being involved in church activities since they were a baby and then I thought to when they are ready to go out in the world and God isnt guiding their way and some of the mistakes they are going to make. Our children are a light into this world. I know both of my boys have been lights in their class and with their friends just by their presence I have had both of their teachers call me and tell me what a positive attitude my boys bring to their classes but then it struck me-- what more can I do. How can I help? We started doing devotions. I work with the 6 yr old first he has a book called Devotions for Little Children and its 365 devotions and then I work a little more intensely with my 10 yr old I found the same book except for pre-teens and we are going through that nightly. Within the devotions there is a verse to memorize and a prayer. My question in all of this ...you have 940 weekends to teach your children to love and nurture them before they head off to college or the military or out in the working world. What are you doing to keep your children beacons of light for Christ in everything they do?:saint:
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    What are we doing?

    1. We are homeschooling our children instead of sending them to liberal, godless indoctrination camps we call public schools.

    2. We gather frequently for prayer and bible reading together. It's called family worship.

    3. I personally spend one-on-one time with each of my five children at least once a month.

    4. We attend Lord's Day services each week as faithfully as we can.

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