A poem I wrote today(2/2/13)..what do you think?

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by convicted1, Feb 2, 2013.

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    I had been asleep for what seemed a very short time,
    My soul had been called Home, to that Son bright clime.
    When I heard my name called out loud,
    My grave burst opened, and I joined Him in the Cloud.

    My body and soul had been reunited as one,
    Forever to be with God's only Son.
    It was perfect, without one stain of sin,
    Going Home, where it did all begin.

    In the Cloud were all the Saints of old,
    Whom God's Grace had been richly bestowed.
    These are they whose robes had been made white,
    As the noon day sun, they shined so bright.

    As I went through the gate, Who's that I did see?
    Why, it was God, on His Throne of Majesty.
    The One Who sent His Son to die,
    For those who were afar, and those who were nigh.

    I thanked Him for the love bestowed to me,
    Now I would be with Him for throughout eternity.
    Thanking Him for one lost sinner who had been found.
    Hearing the rejoicing, oh what a beautiful sound!

    Home at last, no more to go astray,
    Forever with Him, one eternal day.
    If you are lost, you can go, too,
    Jesus tasted death, because He loves you.

    Written by me,

  2. Salty

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    You need to copyright it
  3. righteousdude2

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    Was this...

    I loved every word. You have a poets touch, brother...but I fear that there are those on the board who [are against supernatural things] may misinterpret this as an out-of-body experience that led you to write these beautiful words?

    If it were me that penned these words, it would be seen as an attempt to promote the gifts that I claim to have that others denounce. :smilewinkgrin:

    Other than that, take Salty's advice and get this copyrighted, it is simple, and only costs $35.00.

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