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Discussion in 'Computers & Website Forum' started by LindaB, Sep 3, 2002.

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    Jun 9, 2002
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    a few have written about the ugly broken link you have now instead of the avatars you had last week:

    I notified the webmaster that the avatars were being removed because people were copying and pasting them into their webpages and other forums, despite the fact I asked them not to and It was totally eating up all my bandwidth, so i had to remove them.
    if you have a website and want to upload it on there, i'll be happy to send it to you. then let clint know and he will fix the link.
    otherwise, write clint and he will remove the broken link you have now
    unfortunately, people do what they want to do and it ruined a pretty fun thing for a lot of people.Plus i get a kick out of doing mini christian graphics, oh well!
    if you write, please be specific regarding the image, thanks!

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