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    Yes, there are things you can do.

    1) Pray.

    2) Obey.

    If your mother is "using your love for God as a weapon against you," it may be that she is sensing an attitude of pride and rebellion that you may be, unwittingly, justifying by your professed love for God.

    Parents aren't perfect, but God has commanded you to honor and obey them anyway. Your mother may be moody and inconsistent (I don't know one parent in a thousand who isn't), but you know what your mother's main expectations of you are. Do them. Do them cheerfully, and without murmuring or complaining.

    Don't answer back.

    When your mother needs to be left alone, leave her alone. Her computer time is an escape from the pressures of life. She wasn't created to be the bread winner, so she feels the pressures accutely and will not respond with the grace and patience you expect to be treated with.

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