Al, Bill, & Barack in Heaven

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    This joke was e-mailed to me, I'm just passing it along, because I thought it was funny to some degree.

    Al Gore, Bill Clinton, & Barack Obama went to Heaven & were all standing before God.

    God first addressed Al. "Al, what do you believe?", God said. Al responded, "I believe that I won that election back in 2000, but I have come to understand that it wasn't your will for me to serve."

    God then says: "Very good, come & sit at my left."

    God then addresses Bill & asks him what he believes in.

    Bill replies, "I believe in forgiveness. I've sinned, but I've never held a grudge against my fellow man & I hope no grudges are held against me."

    God then says: "You are forgiven, my son. Come & sit at my right."

    Then God addresses Barack & asks him what he believes.

    To which, Barack replies, "I believe you are sitting in my chair."
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