Al Qaeda intercept challenges narrative of terror group 'on the run'

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    Reports that top-level communications among Al Qaeda operatives prompted the ongoing security alert affecting U.S. embassies around the world have raised even more questions about the Obama administration's repeated claims that Al Qaeda is "on the run."
    The assertion that Al Qaeda -- with the death of Usama bin Laden and of many of his lieutenants -- is a shell of its former self was a linchpin of the 2012 Obama campaign. Even with the ongoing security threat, the State Department insisted as recently as Tuesday that the "Al Qaeda core has been weakened, decimated," despite lingering concerns about the affiliates. President Obama repeated, during a visit Wednesday to Camp Pendleton, that "the core of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan is on the way to defeat."
    The Daily Beast reported Wednesday that sources said it was a massive conference call of more than 20 Al Qaeda leaders that tipped off the U.S. to the alleged terror plot. In The Daily Beast report, one intelligence officer reportedly described the communication of top Al Qaeda leaders as "like a meeting of the Legion of Doom."

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    No mention of how the Obama adminsrration along with support from republcans like McCain have been funding and arming Al Qeada in Libya and Syria. Evidently the Obama administration and the media think we're to dumb to say "wait a minute, you're telling us Al Qeada poses this big threat yet you are giving money and arms to Al Qeada . . . that makes no sense."

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