Al Qaeda Leaders Agree with Clinton, McCain and Petraeus: U.S. Should Impose a No Fly Zone Over Syri

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    Hillary Clinton, John McCain, David Petraeus and other hawks have long called for a no-fly zone over Syria.

    The U.S. is now sending F-15 jets to Syria.

    That should terrify Al Qaeda and other baddies, right?

    Nope … Al Qaeda leaders are actually begging for a U.S.-imposed no-fly zone.

    American reporter Reese Erlich interviewed several top Al Qaeda leaders in the area including Abu Qatada, and they told him they feel that the U.S. has been too weak in Syria, and America should have introduced shoulder-fired missiles to shoot down Assad’s planes, and set up a no-fly zone over Syria.

    Erlich says that Al Qaeda sides with Clinton, McCain and Petraeus in calling for a U.S.-imposed no-fly zone.


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