Almost didn't make it to church with the icy roads!

Discussion in 'Pastoral Ministries' started by annsni, Jan 18, 2015.

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    May 30, 2006
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    Here on Long Island it was BAD. Seriously BAD. We live in a pit - a literal pit (it was a sand mine) and it took me two tried to get up my hill but my daughter didn't make it up in her car. She spun back down to the bottom, I slid zig-zagging backwards until I was able to bite into something. Tried to go one road out of the area but it was closed due to an accident, tried the other way and at the stop sign, I saw a guy walk across the road and have his legs fly out from under him!! So we came back home for about 45 minutes until the temp warmed up.

    The problem was that we are too closely invested at church. Fortunately someone else was able to open, set up the coffee and warm the warehouse up but we had in our car: pastor, worship team member, Sunday school teacher (we have only one class right now), computer/projector and it's operator (me). Fortunately, we have a deacon who preached last week who we have always told to have "one in the chamber" and at 10:05, he texted hubby asking if he needed to preach today but we were within 5 minutes. Our service starts at 10. MAN, it was crazy but it was a great Sunday anyway!! :D Oh and now it's 48 degrees and raining.
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    Aug 23, 2002
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    I recognized the roads were icy and slick when I slipped across my driveway this morning.

    I drove 10 mph or less most of the way to church and was the first one there (as usual). I drove past a few accidents (no one looked hurt).
    As soon as I arrived, I called my wife and told her not to come.

    A sound team guy arrived late apologizing and saying he had run into a curb and split a tire.

    The music team leader called to say she was stuck behind a pile up on I-95 and it didn't look like things would be moving for a long time.

    The on-site assistant pastor popped his head in to ask how things were - and we decided to cancel services today.


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