Anniversary of the Edmund Fitzgerald Sinking

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    To the twenty-nine crewmen of the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald, who were lost without a trace, may God grant rest to your souls.

    Here is a wonderful, informative site about the ship and her crew:

    S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald's crew of 29 on its final voyage included:

    Michael E. Armagost, 37, Third Mate
    Fred J. Beetcher, 56, Porter
    Thomas D. Bentsen, 23, Oiler
    Edward F. Bindon, 47, First Assistant Engineer
    Thomas D. Borgeson, 41, Maintenance Man
    Oliver J. Champeau, 41, Third Assistant Engineer
    Nolan S. Church, 55, Porter
    Ransom E. Cundy, 53, Watchman
    Thomas E. Edwards, 50, Second Assistant Engineer
    Russell G. Haskell, 40, Second Assistant Engineer
    George J. Holl, 60, Chief Engineer
    Bruce L. Hudson, 22, Deck Hand
    Allen G. Kalmon, 43, Second Cook
    Gordon F. MacLellan, 30, Wiper
    Joseph W. Mazes, 59, Special Maintenance Man
    John H. McCarthy, 62, First Mate
    Ernest M. McSorley, 63, Captain
    Eugene W. O'Brien, 50, Wheelsman
    Karl A. Peckol, 20, Watchman
    John J. Poviach, 59, Wheelsman
    James A. Pratt, 44, Second Mate
    Robert C. Rafferty, 62, Steward
    Paul M. Riippa, 22, Deck Hand
    John D. Simmons, 62, Wheelsman
    William J. Spengler, 59, Watchman
    Mark A. Thomas, 21, Deck Hand
    Ralph G. Walton, 58, Oiler
    David E. Weiss, 22, Cadet
    Blaine H. Wilhelm, 52, Oiler
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    I always like the song on the Edmund Fitzgerald very much.

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