Arguing for the Fairness Doctrine (badly)

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    Last week US News & World Report offered competing op-eds by Bill Press and Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) on whether the so-called “fairness doctrine” should return to talk radio. Predictably, in his call for bringing the “fairness doctrine” back, Press had a number of - interesting, shall we say - statements. First up was his statement that “nobody” is calling for bringing back the “fairness doctrine.” I don’t know about you, but I think I’d feel vaguely insulted at being called a “nobody” if I were a United States Senator who had gone on the Bill Press Show within the past two months and called for a return of the “fairness doctrine (see Sen. Debbie Stabenow discussing the “fairness doctrine” here, and also Sen. Tom Harkin a few days later also supporting the “fairness doctrine,”).

    The comments by Press that “nobody” is calling for a return of the “fairness doctrine” are also curious because Press himself wrote an op-ed calling for the return of the “fairness doctrine” in the Washington Post around the same time.

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