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    Jul 24, 2004
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    Hey gang!

    At least one proposition below is false. Which do you reject, and why?

    (1) It is God's redemptive purpose for the world (and therefore his will) to reconcile all sinners to himself;

    (2) It is within God's power to achieve his redemptive purpose for the world;

    (3) Some sinners will never be reconciled to God, and God will therefore either consign them to a place of eternal punishment, from which there will be no hope of escape, or put them out of existence altogether.

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    Jul 13, 2000
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    Hi Gabe, and welcome to the Baptist Board.
    To answer your question,
    God created man in his own image and gave him a free will to choose between good and evil. He is not willing that any should perish. That indeed is his will. But he did not create man as a robot to automatically be forced to submit to that will. Man must choose for himself whether he wants to submit to obey God or not. God has given him that choice. If man chooses not to be reconciled to God, then that is man's decision, not God's.

    Now, on another note, this is a Baptist Only forum that you are posting in, so I am going to lock this thread and move it to the Other Religions forum where it will gain just as much attention. As you are not a Baptist we request that you post only in those forums that are designated for other religions.
    In Christ,

    It is already in the Calvinism/Arminianism forum. You will find it there.

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