Atheism & "Science"

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    …..And isn't that the crux of it, the commonality between many Atheists and the "I lurv science!" crowd? They are so afraid to admit ignorance of anything, because ignorance diminishes them in their own minds. It's a crushing blow to their ego. That's what this is all about, protecting the ego. If they truly understood the science they claim to revere, or, for that matter, the faith that they deride, they would realize that it is the recognition of ignorance that is the starting point for both of them. It is recognizing how little that one does actually know that is the starting point on the road to knowledge (or faith), and even then it's a road with no end. But traveling that road.....ahh, traveling that road is wondrous.

    As it should be.

    Warning, there may be dirty words in the comments section.

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