Autism - Carly's Story

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    I've worked with many autistic children. I am often amazed at some of these children and when I watched this video and heard her dad mention seeing that look in her eyes and knowing he couldn't give up, it really struck me. I've seen that look. It's so hard to see, to know in your heart with some of these autistic kids that they have something to say and it's stuck inside and they can't get it out and you don't know how to help them, despite others saying stuff like "oh, you don't have to do that with them, they have the intelligence of a ____ year old. (insert age in blank) But sometimes you just know deep inside that isn't accurate.

    Please watch this video. It may just change your view of autism and how you talk to and work with those who have it, or how you react to their behaviors if you don't work with autistic people.

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