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Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by Deacon, Jun 21, 2009.

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    I really enjoyed the baptism service today, 12 people were immersed after the sprinkling they received by God (it was raining earlier). :tongue3:

    Many of the twelve were adults.

    One was a widow was introduced to Jesus by her faithful adopted teen.
    Another a divorced gentleman, now remarried with a physically handicapped adopted son.
    One young man was physically abused earlier and now soon-to-be adopted by a church family,
    Another, a college youth is a church missionary family’s adopted son.
    One a young man who grew up in the church is now a professional dancer and actor (he appeared this evening on one of those hot, new detective shows)

    There was a father-to-be, home after service in Iraq.
    A business man, married to a Jewess who had been searching for God most of his life said his search is over.

    Then there was my friend’s college-aged daughter, who serves God in a local community college group.

    Most of them were grown up when they confessed Christ as their Savior.

    A few just never got around to being baptized.

    One was a bit embarrassed that it took him so long.

    Should he have been embarrassed?
    ... after all Jesus waited until he was thirty!

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    Wow! That is awesome!


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