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    I've been a Baptist all my life (I'm 21), though I can't say I know what that really means. I've always believe what my family taught me. I've only recently started to read my bible (KJV only) and listen to bible radio.
    I don't know what the difference is between the different kinds of Christianity and would like a clearer picture. If you could lay out the differences between some of the more prominant ones like Baptist, Penecostal, Methodist, Jehovah's Witness, and any others.
    Specifically I would like to help a Jekovah's Witness friend become Baptist...

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    Sep 5, 2000
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    The trouble is, whoever answers your question will answer it with their slant on it.

    I would advise that you read the Bible for yourself and limit what you listen to from men and don’t trust anyone. Look up everything in the Bible. KJV only is fine, you are holding the word of God in your hand, but there are some who will not be satisfied till they shake your faith in it.

    Go to "Go YE" at and read "First Things First" and let me know what you think
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    Jul 20, 2000
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    < Specifically I would like to help a Jekovah's Witness friend become Baptist... >

    The odds are overwhelming that this JW is more prepared to make you a JW than you are to make him/her a Baptist. It's very true that you must study the scriptures to be able to apply them. JW's are not taught the Bible comprehensibly, but they are repeatedly impounded with how to persuade and argue certain key scriptures meant to cast doubt on any outsider's beliefs. So do not try persuade this person with scripture until you are firmly grounded in scripture yourself.

    As to the many denominations/sects of Christiantiy, all of them have their apologists to defend their organizations and their beliefs. But you are on the right track by starting with reading your Bible.

    You do appear to have deep impressions for one who has not yet studied the Bible. But one thing you need to be aware of is that Baptists are certainly not the only Christians, so do not be as concerned about persuading this JW to become a Baptist as to accept God's grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Churches and denominations are secondary to faith in Christ.

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