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Discussion in 'Computers & Website Forum' started by Ed Edwards, Dec 9, 2006.

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    Bad change at Baptist Board.
    I have an e-mail sent to me about topics i'm following
    (usually topics i'm having a discussion in).

    Now the pointer points to: (for example)

    used to, the pointer pointed to the specific new post
    which I had at the time the e-mail was posted.

    (unless you were following the specific thread posted
    above, the pointer will point at the first post in the topic).

    This new way is bad, I was using the old way.
    I click on the oldest new post, I go read a few posts, maybe
    make a comment. Where there are 3 or 4 pages I then get
    lost unless I memorize the post nubmer of the post I responded to.

    When I go back to the e-mail i get the post I just posted NOT
    the aproximate place where I was at???

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