Bible RTW states have the least chance of self improvement

Discussion in 'Politics' started by billwald, May 31, 2012.

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    The graphs are interesting. Mobility v. median income - click on the dots to ID the states. The lower left states are almost all in the south east.

    The upward mobility of Utah is interesting. Mormonism better adapted to modern industry than Christianity?

    "Mobility was lower in more working class states. We found a negative correlation between the share of the labor force in working class jobs and national relative upward mobility (-.46). This is dramatically represented on the scatter graph above, where the states with the highest mobility cluster at the top left. The states with the least mobility are clumped at the bottom right."

    "Religion factors in as well. The percentage of adults who say they are "very religious” according to Gallup polls is negatively associated with national relative upward mobility (-.51)—a pattern that is graphically represented on the above scatter graph."

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