Big life events turn on small decisions

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    In another thread posted today the topic was basically "if" -- "then".

    This brought to my mind an event in my life were a normally very small decision led to a completely new direction in my life and in all that has happened since the winter of 1968.

    One Sunday as I was headed home from church I stopped and bought a Washington Post. During the afternoon I was idly looking through the employment ads for no particular reason than I liked to see all the jobs that were open. I happened to see a small ad where a research/communications company needed a librarian to operate the company research library. On a whim I applied and to my surprise got the job. I worked there until I retired.

    If I had not bought that newspaper. If I had not idly flipped through the employment ads. If I had not applied .... my life would have been totally different career wise, geographically, economically ... this list could go on and on and on and on ......................

    What little decision made a huge difference in your life?

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