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    I just wanted to post a bit of information about the Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary. As there is often those on the BB that are looking to futher their education at a reasonable cost, I thought this might be helpful.

    BMA Seminary is the seminary owned by the Baptist Missionary Association of America, which is a relatively small fellowship of conservative Baptist churches. The BMA has roots in the landmark movement, though its prevalence among the churches is less now than in previous years.

    Back to the seminary. It is SACS and ATS accredited. BMATS has modular sessions they call "Master's in Motion" classes. In addition, you can take master's level courses by distance. Now here is the good part: BMATS charges $105.00 a credit hour per course!! As many of you know, that is a steal in graduate theological education.

    Their website could use some updating, but this is a very small seminary with a limited budget. They are eager to help anyone pursue a great education.

    BTW, they award an ADiv, BA in Religion, MA in Religion, MA in Church Ministries, and MDiv.

    Just an FYI!

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