Browns-Bengals basketball game 58-48

Discussion in 'Sports' started by robycop3, Nov 29, 2004.

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    Anyone watch this game? Many a college basketball game ends with a similar score. Seems the "D", especially in the 2nd half, went on vacation till the last 3 minutes.

    I hear talk that Butch Davis' job is on the line. While Lewis'job may be more secure, the Brown family and Cincy fans are tired of losing, and his job situation could quickly change. (Hey, he's a rookie head coach...Don't expect a "miracle" in less than 2 seasons! Dave Shula he aint! He HAS made great progress with the losingest NFL team of the last ten years, making every opponent respect them.)

    Holcomb looked much better this week,(0ver 400 yds, 5 TDs) but his poor toss in the last 2 minutes that sealed the Bengals' win was almost inexcusable. Even a middle school QB knows better than to "float" a pass into the flats!

    Palmer looked great at times also, but 3 INTs in one game is too many. Rudi Johnson? Outstanding! Houshmandzadeh? Diamond in the rough, beginning to shine. Hope he stays healthy. Heiden? Possible breakout game. Chad Johnson? Played as he's capable, which is STELLAR.

    Can't fault either coach. 48 points wins 499 outta 500 NFL games.

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