Canadian 'Hate-speech' law declared unconstitutional

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    A much-criticized federal law governing hate speech violates rights to freedom of expression, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has ruled.

    The decision, announced Wednesday, threw out the Canadian Human Rights Commission's controversial legal mandate to pursue "hate speech" on the Internet.

    In a 107-page ruling, tribunal member Athanasios Hadjis called the law an infringement of the free speech guarantees of Canada's Charter of Rights.

    The ruling also marks a failure of Section 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act, an anti-hate law created in the 1960s to target racist telephone hotlines, according to the National Post. It was expanded in 2001 to include the entire Internet.

    "At issue here was not true hate speech – racial slurs, etc. – which are indefensible," Jihad Watch stated. "Rather, the aim of such laws is to crush political dissent."

    Jihad Watch accused the Organization of the Islamic Conference of "trying to strong-arm Western nations into imposing hate speech laws that will restrict speech about Islam they don't like, including explorations of the motives and goals of jihad terrorists."

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