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    A friend of mine uses the CEV[Contemporary English Version] and says that not only does he enjoy it, but that it's much easier to understand and study.

    I don't know that much about this version, and was wondering if anybody had any experience with it, or had any comments on it?
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    My wife picked one up a few years ago.

    It's a simplifed bible meant for those with limited reading abilities.

    From the introduction to the CEV:

    "Today more people hear the Bible read aloud than read it for themselves!
    And statistics released by the National Center for Education indicate that 'almost half of the U.S. adults have very limited reading and writing skills.'
    If this is the case, a contemporary translation must be a text that an inexperenced reader can read aloud without stumbling, that someone unfamiliar with traditional biblical terminology can hear without misunderstanding, and that everyone can listen to with enjoyment because the style is lucid and lyrical."
    (italics in original)

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    I am simultaneously reading through the CEV and some other versions of the NT. It is simple to read, but I wouldn't recommend it for study; in the course of simplification much subtle detail and nuance is lost. If you really want to know more deeply God's words (without learning Greek & Hebrew) I'd suggest the CLV, ALT, LITV, ASV, or Young's; but those are harder to obtain, so you might just want to get the more common NASB or KJV (even the NIV, ESV, and HCSB are probably better Bibles to study than the CEV).

    The CEV can be obtained rather inexpensively, so why not pick up one yourself?

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