Cinemas in Ireland go to full digital.

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    Cinemas get digital technology
    19/03/2005 - 14:00:12

    New technology is to be introduced in Irish cinemas which will lead to sharper images and a greater variety of films, it was claimed today.

    An American company, Avica, is installing digital projectors in 500 cinemas nationwide to replace the traditional 35mm film projectors.

    The Irish Film Board said it would lead to a “pretty amazing” picture quality for cinemagoers.

    “We’re very excited about it. It’s pure digital projection and picture perfect quality,” said spokeswoman Moira Horgan.

    The project will make Ireland the world’s first entirely digital cinema nation.

    It will allow cinemas to download new films to a computer server via satellite at the press of a button. Along with a much higher picture quality, the digital format promises to eliminate the flickers and scratches which develop when 35mm film degrades with age.

    The cost to cinemas of getting a film in digital format will also be much lower than the current price of up to 2,000 euro (£1,400) for a single 35mm print.

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