Common Core is political indoctrination wrapped around education!

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    It’s becoming increasingly clear that Common Core is political indoctrination wrapped around education!

    From Renee Nal at EAG News:

    Would you ever consider the question ‘Whom do you want to be president?’ to be asked of your third grader during a math class (or any class)? Would you expect your fourth grader to be asked to create a chart of presidents along with their political persuasions? Or, how about a discussion on whether the 2000 presidential election resulted in a “fair” outcome? Or, what if the teacher for your sixth grader was advised to “be prepared” to discuss the “politically charged” 2000 election - all during math.

    Common Core aligned, of course.

    A curriculum developed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics includes all of the above, all provided on the website, which claims to be the

    “primary contributor of resources for teaching and learning mathematics for grades pre-K—12.”

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