Cop's Act illustrates God's Grace, Mercy, Justice

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    The cop just illustrated how God dealt with His people. The guy was KNOWINGLY driving around with an expired tag. He knew he had an offense, an infraction of law.

    The cop upheld the law. He wrote the guy a citation, maybe a citation does not carry a fine, maybe it does. Then he wraps a 100 dollar bill in the ticket.

    He did not have to do that, but he did (illustrating God's sovereign right to be merciful to whom He wants to be merciful).

    That 100 dollar bill may be enough, under their laws in that state, to cover a fine, AND in addition, pay for the traffic offender's registration renewals, PLUS it might have enough left over for some groceries.

    In one act, this officer demonstrated mercy, grace, and justice. Mercy (when what the offender deserved was chastisement), grace (in the 100 dollar bill, which the offender did not merit. everybody's having a hard time. perhaps that officer has his own problems), and justice (the officer had a sworn duty to uphold the law. he did. he issued chastisement, in the form of a citation).

    How did that illustrate God's act of mercy, grace and justice ?
    None of us deserves either God's grace or mercy, and certainly none of us deserved to be singled out and made to know by the Spirit that we are God's children but He did.
    Yet God did not bypass the demands of the law on sin: death and punishment.
    He meted that out on His Son Jesus Christ.

    We sing grace is free, and it may be free, TO US, but not for God.
    To extend it to us, it cost Him His Son and the sight of sin on His Son.

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