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Discussion in 'Baptist Colleges / Seminaries' started by Siberian, Feb 16, 2010.

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    I am trying to get into a decent D.Min. program in the Fall. I have less options available to me because I am finishing my M.Div. through Luther Rice and not through an ATS school. Also, since my M.Div. has taken several years of part-time study while in full-time ministry (and I have a total of 13 years vocational min. experience), my preference is to dive right into a D.Min., and not wait the three years usually required post-M.Div. With those considerations, I know of at least three D.Min. programs that will admit me: Liberty, Baptist Bible Seminary (Clark Summit), and Luther Rice. Of the three, I'm most interested in Liberty.

    Liberty interests me because it is RA (BBS also, but not LRS), relatively inexpensive (more than LRS, less than BBS), and has the broadest spectrum of classes for the D.Min. program. I've also been provisionally accepted into their program (provisional upon the successful completion of my M.Div. this semester).

    Anyway, I'm wondering if there is anyone who has done a D.Min. at LBTS who would comment as to their experience with the program.


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