Daughter's Wedding Day

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    Another true story...

    I was unable to meet my daughter's fiance until the day of the wedding. Living on opposite sides of the country makes for many logistic conundrums.

    As I write this, I am not sure which event is more challenging for a man than his daughter's birth or his daughter's wedding. In some ways, they are quite similar events, at least experientially: (1) You are worried; (2) you are fearful of the future; (3) you can't talk to anybody because everyone else is all wrapped up in woman-stuff; (4) it seems like it takes forever; (5) it flashes by in but a moment; and (6) none of it is what you expected.

    My daughter and her husband were gracious enough to give us a few hours to get to know her new husband after the wedding. This was a blessing since we had to fly back out the next morning.

    As I listened to my new son-in-law, I thought to myself: "Goodness this young man is overly talkative, opinionated, self-absorbed, inattentive to others, unobjective, and, quite likely, narcissistic."

    Right about that time, my daughter leans close to me and murmurs, "Papa, isn't he cool? He is just like you!"

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