Democrats know their policies are hurting people . . . they just don't care

Discussion in 'News / Current Events' started by Revmitchell, Oct 13, 2013.

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    It's time for Republicans to stop focusing on who shut down the government and tell the real truth.

    Consider the evidence!

    When Vincent Gray, the Democrat mayor of Washington, D.C., appealed to Senator Harry Reid to end the shutdown because of the collateral impact it is having on people in the District of Columbia, Reid told Gray, "I'm on your side, don't screw it up."

    Translation: We are going to hold out until we get everything we want and give up nothing to the Republicans.

    The Democrats want to increase the debt ceiling with no conditions so they can continue to spend this nation into oblivion. Over the last four years, the ratio of increased national debt to economic growth has been 2-to-1.

    Democrats want to continue to impose the ObamaCare disaster on the nation despite the negative cost to people, businesses and lost jobs. They don't care.

    ObamaCare has driven health insurance rates up for most Americans when the promise was that rates would go down. ObamaCare has caused health insurance to be unaffordable for millions of people when previously they had insurance. And ObamaCare has caused millions of people to lose their doctors when the promise was that they could keep their doctors.
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    The Democrat leadership is strange. Nancy Pelosi has been denied communion, as you know, by the highest ranking Vatican court on Vatican matters, and Harry Reid is an old-fashioned vitriolic Mormon in the historic pattern of Brigham Young and Joseph Smith, Jr.

    Obama has said that he won't negotiate unless he gets what he wants first. There are now close to fifty million Americans on food stamps, including some rural people who would never have accepted government aid in the past but who are now desperate.

    Another strange part of the Democrat coalition are Jews, who seem to have a desire for both socialism and power. You have to wonder if Jews want the same thing for Israel that they want for the USA?

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