Deporting some inmates proves a break for states

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    Deporting some inmates proves a break for states
    By Emily Bazar

    Programs in New York and Arizona aimed at cutting the prison sentences of certain immigrant inmates so they can be deported faster have federal officials urging other states to adopt similar policies.

    Officials in the two states say they have saved millions of dollars by turning over for early deportation some non-violent immigrant criminals who have served at least half of their sentences.

    Eligible inmates include both legal immigrants who committed certain crimes and illegal immigrants.

    SNIP (And this is even better)

    Under the accelerated deportation programs, only those inmates who are eligible for deportation and won't fight their removal from the USA can participate. If the deportee returns to the USA and is caught, the immigrant will serve the remainder of the original sentence plus prison time for any new criminal offenses.

    The illegal immigrant may also face a separate felony conviction for returning after being deported and up to 20 years in prison.

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