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    Received the following e-mail from SWBTS.

    Seminary sets aside age requirement for admission to diploma studies program

    by Brent Thompson

    FORT WORTH, Texas -- Any God-called man or woman who has a high school degree may now apply for admission to the diploma studies program at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, according to Jonathan Kim, director of the seminary's undergraduate and lay theological studies department.

    "The first requirement for admission into the undergraduate program has always been a minimum age of 25," Kim said. Effective immediately, any adult who demonstrates God's call to prepare for ministry and has graduated from high school may apply for admission.

    "Once a student completes this diploma studies program, he or she becomes eligible for admission into one of the graduate programs at Southwestern," Kim said.

    To learn more about the Department of Undergraduate and Lay Theological Studies and other developments at the seminary, go to www.swbts.edu.

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