Drudge Poll Hands SC Debate Win to Donald Trump By 40 Points

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    The usual-usuals opposed to Donald Trump will wrist-flick’s Drudge’s South Carolina debate poll, but after getting it correct after nearly ten debates, that’s an anti-science wrist-flick. Tonight’s poll, taken during and after the debate, is still open, and shows Trump in first place and stomping second place by 40 points.

    As of this writing, Trump is in the lead with 60.22% support (87,882 votes).

    < snip >

    Twenty-five minutes after the debate, Trump is already all over cable television talking about how the polls show him winning the debate.

    Drudge sums it up perfectly: This is not a race in flux in any way shape or form since August:


    Here’s a list of Polls: http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/02/13/who-won-the-debate-list-of-polls/

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