EU-style integration unlikely in Asia

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    By HRVOJE HRANJSKI, Associated Press Writer Fri Mar 2, 11:22 AM ET

    MANILA, Philippines - An economic and political integration in Asia based on the European Union model is unlikely at this stage because the region is too diverse, the president of the Asian Development Bank said.


    "Reaching a broad political and social consensus needed to develop a far-reaching pan-Asian grand plan of regional integration does not appear feasible at this stage," he said.

    Instead, Asia and the Pacific should adopt a "multi-speed" approach to cooperation, where a few countries can start working together on selected common issues, leaving the option for other countries to join later, he said.

    "For now, it is best to respond to the expressed desire of countries to cooperate on a limited number of promising areas first, and then build on these by gradually deepening and widening the scope of cooperation in the coming years."


    Multi-speed approach? Do they plan on "deepening and widening the scope of cooperation" of "economic and political integration" under the radar and by stealth like they are doing here with the North American Union?
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