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Discussion in 'Pastoral Ministries' started by Deacon, Apr 24, 2016.

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    Pastors: Do you have regular evaluations?
    What should be evaluated in a pastoral review?
    What do you find most helpful in the evaluation?

    Church Staff: Do you get regular evaluations?

    Members: Do you have a regular evaluation of your pastor? ...other than just a vote now and then?
    Who takes part in the evaluation?

    Are these evaluations of leadership biblical? Are they responsible? Are they worthwhile?
  2. Salty

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    Apr 8, 2003
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    Pastors are evalated every Sunday - aka Roast preacher for lunch
  3. preachinjesus

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    I do. There is an annual review we have for our pastors and staff members. It has many formal aspects but also some informal ones. We solicit feedback from church lay leaders, volunteers in the ministry areas of that pastor, other staff members, and one or two other levels. The process is designed to encourage and maintain accountability. We receive our annual reviews from our direct staff supervisors or, in my case, lay leadership.

    We use a combination of goal fulfillment, input from various metrics, supervisor feedback, and qualitative feedback to get a picture of how a pastor or staff member is doing. In my opinion all pastors should be held accountable for various marks of a church (attendance, budget, guests, etc) and while we can't expect constant, continual growth we can expect health.

    I find these evaluations to be very helpful. We have a staff with high trust and a lay leadership that graciously confronts the brutal facts. I've continued to grow as a pastor through these reviews.

    Great idea for a thread.
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  4. gb93433

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    When I was pastoring I developed a team of men whom I met with weekly. I had taught them how to make disciples so they knew the mission of the church and where I was headed. They did not get distracted by things coming from others who were self focused. Those men helped to give me the pulse of the church as they saw it and they also had my back. I would wonder how many are evaluated in light of scripture. Everyone has struggles and I find few staff who are open about their struggles. Struggling does not mean one is happy with sin but rather they are real and transparent. Those who say little or nothing about struggling present an image of strength that is not at all accurate or healthy. I believe transparency is one of the greatest measures of maturity. The sign of a healthy church is where disciples are making disciples.
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