Evangelist arrested in Wales

Discussion in '2006 Archive' started by Robert J Hutton, Oct 5, 2006.

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    BB members may be interested to know about an Evangelist, Stephen Green, based in S Wales. He gave out Gospel tracts at a sodomite open air party in Cardiff. The tracts were not "gay bashing" leaflets but spoke of how they can be saved through the Lord's mercy. Although he wasn't obstructive in his attitude or manner the Police arrested him stating that this arrest was purely through the contents of the leaflets. When the case came to court it was thrown out.

    There is clearly a campaign by the British police to silence any criticism of sodomy by Christians as this persecution of Mr Green follows a number of other highly publicised cases where Plice have harrased Christians for teaching what the Bible says.

    However, the true servants of Christ will not be silenced; although it should be said that those who wilsh to compromise will always frind some excuse for doing so.

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    Thanks for this news from across the pond. he should keep on keepin on.:thumbs:

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