Execution rescheduled For Christians

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    Execution rescheduled for Thursday
    for 3 Indonesian Catholics, report says
    Sep 19, 2006
    By Staff
    Baptist Press
    WASHINGTON (BP)--Three Catholic men in Indonesia are scheduled to be executed Thursday, according to report by International Christian Concern Sept. 19.

    The men were accused of inciting violence between Muslims and Christians in 2000 that led to the deaths of some 1,000 people in the Poso port region of Sulawesi island.

    According to an earlier news release from ICC, Fabianus Tibo, Marianus Riwu and Dominggus da Silva admitted their role in the violence, but were the only three persons charged in a five-year-long conflict between Muslims and Christians on the island nation.

    All three were convicted and sentenced to die Aug. 12 by firing squad, but the Vatican, ICC and other human rights organizations and the European Union protested the convictions. ICC, for example, targeted inequities in the Indonesian justice system between Muslims and Christians.

    Attorney General Mohammad Yahya Sibe stayed the executions in August because of the international pressure, but he and the area police chief both were relieved of their duties after the decision. Tibo, Riwu and da Silva recently appealed their conviction and sentencing once more, but that appeal, which should have taken months to process, has fallen on deaf ears

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    The muslims killed thousands but the Christians are convicted of the crime and executed . . . - did I read that right?

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