Fans leaving early.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Bob Alkire, Oct 26, 2008.

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    On a sports radio station in Columbia, SC, the host of the show was upset at fans leaving the LSU game a few minutes early. He was saying the fans should show the same loyalty as the players to the team.
    I might have just become to old to understand his point. Players leave school early to turn pro, can't keep grades up, get into trouble with the law, so why shouldn't a fan leave early if he wishes or has another place to be at a set time?
    If a player is running around when he should be at study, I don't believe he is loyal or thinking about his team.
    The host said the players play for the fans, again I might have come from a different world, I didn't, I played to win. For the most part I didn't know how many people were there until the game was over.
    From my view, good games will keep fan in their seat for the most part, bad games won't and games that look like they are lost won't.

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