Fathers day

Discussion in 'Pastoral Ministries' started by Salty, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. Salty

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    What is the title of your message tommorw for Fathers Day?

    Will your church be doing anything special?
  2. Alcott

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    Dec 17, 2002
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    I ain't a pastor and I don't know what our church is doing 'special' for that occasion. I think last year it was just a word of recognition followed by a little clapping and yelling and hollering.

    And even though 10% or 15% of all the moms' stuff on their day (a rose for each one; a 'panel' of 5 of differing ages discussing motherhood) is probably enough ego ministry, I will offer a few suggestions for message titles:

    Pops are Tops

    I'm a Fan of My Old Man

    Running Around the Block I'm a Chip Off of

    As a Lad, I was Mad About the Only Dad I Had

    My Old Man and the Sea-- He Told Me There's Lots of Fish There for Me [Sorry, Ernie]

    If We Have No Inheritance from our Father, Then We Must be Out of His Will

    "Soft and Kind When I was Crying...Tough as Steel When I'd Done Wrong"-- The Only Words That Impress Me From That Sentimental Song

    "Be Glad it's Just a Glass Window You Broke and You've Gotta Pay For-- When You're a Man, Breaking a Window of Opportunity Will Cost You a Lot More"

    If a Man Gets Wiser as he Gets Older, Why Was the Father Who "Knew Best" Robert Young?

    Knowing Now How Much it Costs to Raise a Child, If You Call Him This Afternoon, Have the Respect to Not Call Him Collect
  3. Tom Bryant

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    We're giving each of our men a cinnamon roll. I am continuing the series from Philippians. Without any planning on my part, we're at 3:17-21 where Paul says that they ought to join in following his example. We'll mention dads and their example.

    Over the years, Father's day is a day when alot of men are doing other stuff. It's not like Mother's day where people will go to church to please mom.

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