Feminist Glacier Guy: You’re Not Educated Enough To Get My Research Read more: http://dailycaller.c

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    The University of Oregon historian who wrote a study claiming glaciers are sexist said in an interview Friday that the general public isn’t educated enough about feminism to understand his research.

    In the interview, Dr. Mark Carey claims that when his studies are “described to nonspecialists, the research can be misunderstood and potentially misrepresented.”

    “People and societies impose their values on glaciers when they discuss, debate, and study them—which is what we mean when we say that ice is not just ice,” Carey said in the Friday interview with Science Magazine. “Glaciers become the platform to express people’s own views about politics, economics, cultural values, and social relations (such as gender relations).”

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/03/12/f...ated-enough-to-get-my-research/#ixzz42oskB8q6

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