FL college: Christmas celebration banned, then lifted

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    Some news has a happy ending:

    The original story (you've heard this many times before): SOURCE

    Wilson Bradshaw, president of Florida Gulf Coast University, decided to (in the ironic idea of "tolerance") ban all Christmas observances at campus...including:
    • No Christmas parties;
    • No holiday decorations in any space that might be considered "public;"
    • No greeting card contests;
    • No Christmas tree;
    • No Christmas concert by the university choir for the kids at the college child care center.
    The story went public, Bradshaw's office phone number and email were publicized, and alumni were contacted. Needless to say, this guy has been skewered in the press. So now, guess what? He has, in the name of "tolerance" (insert vomit smiley here), made a policy change and rescinded his previous edict:


    From the president's press release:

    Well, this re-inforces the idea that for some, "Ph.D" means "Piled High and Deep."

    Good job to the masses for holding this guy's feet to the fire.

    Now, everyone send him a Christmas card! And be nice...

    Dr. Wilson Bradshaw, President
    Florida Gulf Coast University
    10501 FGCU Blvd, S.
    Fort Myers, FL 33965-6565
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    I just might do that.

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