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    "PLEASE PRAY ASAP!!!! Joel has a former student who is attending UNC. Her Archeology prof. has challenged her (yesterday) to defend the Bible against supposed contradictions in class TODAY! When the prof. said the Bible was full of contradictions, this student was the ONLY ONE to stand firm that it is the infallible Word of God. Please pray Acts 4:23-31 for boldness & power!!!
    Even if you get this message after the fact, PLEASE PRAY ANYWAY!!! Much can happen in the hearts & minds of the prof. & students even after this particular event has taken place. THANK YOU! ❤"

    Edited to add: Incidentally, UNC is the University of NC

    Above received this AM From my daughter.

    Please pray for this young lady to be so filled and controlled by the HS that she will mop up the floor with this Prof., and that she will, with God speaking through her, smack satan completely out of any influence on the other students even if only temporarily.

    If they can see/hear TRUTH, unhindered by satan's wiles, there's no telling how much influence she can be; maybe even on the Prof.:thumbsup:
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    We will be pray!:praying::praying:

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