Former Planned Parenthood Employee Exposes Truth in New Ad

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    Former Planned Parenthood employee Abby Johnson, now a pro-life advocate, is out with a new commercial to address pro-choice claims that Planned Parenthood Federation of America primarily provides women’s healthcare services and to expose the million-dollar group’s true objective – abortion.

    A national television campaign was launched Tuesday by non-profit Life Always and features Johnson’s personal testimony about PPFA’s abortion-reliant business model. While pro-choice ads assert that PPFA clinics provide preventative care, Johnson shares with viewers the stark truth.

    She begins, "I used to tell women that abortion removed a mass of tissue, but that's not true. I had to account for the body parts of aborted babies."

    “Yes, Planned Parenthood prevents pregnancies, but it also provides over 320,000 abortions each year," Johnson says in the commercial. “They won't protect your child because there's no money in doing that."

    "Abortion ends in death. Can you live with that? I couldn't,” she concludes.

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