Frank Wolf: If Congress Didn't Know About CIA Annex in Benghazi, Who Did?

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    Congressman Frank Wolf (R - VA), author of legislation to create a Select Committee on Benghazi, is raising new questions about why top congressional officials did not know the CIA was stationed in Benghazi before an attack there left four Americans dead.

    “If Congress didn’t know and [United States African Command (AFRICOM)] and its commander didn’t know, then who did? Was the annex created at the direction of the White House? And if so, just who in the White House was coordinating the operation?" Wolf asked in a statement.

    The retiring Virginia congressman is responding to comments from Senator Dianne Feinstein (D - CA), Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, to Breitbart News Monday. Feinstein, asked whether she knew about the CIA annex in Benghazi before the attakcs, said “no.”

    Feinstein also said she "can't answer" if other members of Congress had any knowledge of the annex before the attack.

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