Franken Becomes Butt of Senate Joke on 'Fairness'

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    Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., said reinstating the '40s-era mandate would be tantamount to censorship and warned, "They're not going to stop with radio talk shows. We need to act here to make sure that this oppression, this tyranny is not reimposed on the American people."

    Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, ever the jokester, agreed and took a shot at Franken, who's currently awaiting the outcome of a contested Senate election in Minnesota to see if he'll become a senator.

    "We've already had an opportunity for fairness, if you will, with respect to talk radio when a group of people got together and financed a liberal talk show host, one who aspires to enter this body at some time," Bennett said, referring to Franken.

    "The public spoke. The station went out of business. It went bankrupt...Let the public decide what they're going to listen to," he said.

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