Free Grace Alliance Covenant Confirmed

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    Dr. Charlie Bing is President of the Free Grace Alliance (FGA). In the current FGA E-Newsletter Dr. Bing shares what I consider an important clarifying announcement that has immense meaning and impact for the Free Grace community.

    The subject of his notes has to do with the FGA Covenant. In particular he addresses the “obvious meaning” of the Covenant’s Affirmation #3, which states,
    In Dr. Bing’s article the following appears in regard to Affirmation #3,
    In my opinion, this clarifying statement from the FGA President effectively ends any further speculation over whether or not an advocate of the Grace Evangelical Society’s Crossless gospel can, in good conscience, sign agreement with the FGA Covenant. Lord willing this announcement signals the end of the “divisions and offences” that were introduced into the FGA through the “contrary” doctrine of the Crossless gospel.

    With the FGA Covenant’s “obvious meaning” made clear the FGA can begin to advance the mission for which it was formed.

    Please visit the FGA web site and read From the President for the full article.

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