Free Will

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    Is the human faculty of "will" or "choice" FREE to operate apart from the heart and mind of a person or is it the servant of the human heart and mind and only gives expression to the heart and mind?

    Is the heart and mind of fallen man FREE from sin or in bondage to sin?

    For example, if a person LOVES DARKNESS rather than light and HATES righteousness can their faculty of will operate contrary to their current love and hate without hypocrisy?

    For example, if the "mind" is at enmity with God and will not subject itself to the law of God can that faculty of choice operate contrary to that current hatred without hypocrisy?

    For example, if the "MIND" is in a state of unbelief can the will choose to believe contrary to the current state of the mind without hypocrisy?

    Must there be a change of LOVE/HATRED and a change of THINKING before there can be a change of choice without hypocrisy?

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